Rent a car at the lowest price

Low price rent a car

Enjoy more of your life in Bucharest and in Romania by choosing the freedom given to you by a powerful brand new car. Rent a car from an agency that is certain to provide you with the latest in automotive technology and the best in car equipment. Escape the barriers of time with the greatest car rental service you can find in Bucharest. Check our list of available models, make your choice and rent a car in no time by giving us a call. After that, all you have to do is to wait for the car to be delivered to your address.

Our car rental agency provides customers with a wide variety of models to choose from. As a matter of fact, our fleet of cars is all new, every unit of it being a name for reliability and power. We periodically check the functioning of each car because we care for the safety and well being of the customer. In addition to this, you can rent a car by choosing one from several categories, such as family cars, luxury business saloons, hot hatchbacks, powerful 4x4 and everything in between for your special occasions.

Rent a car at the lowest price on the market. Wonder how we can deliver so high quality services at the lowest price? Well, take into consideration that our experience and proficiency makes the customers always return to us. So, as you know, a higher number of customers make for lower prices than those of the competitors. Moreover, you only pay once for an extra equipment set. As you may have already experienced, other companies charge you for each day of using a specific item, such as the GPS, in your car. That is why we recommend you to rent a car from us, as we will only ask you once for a small fee on that equipment.

Rent a car for a longer period of time. Yes, because it is now possible to drive the car you like for as long as you would like wherever you go in Bucharest and in Romania. And you should know that renting a car for a longer period of time translates into lower prices. Not only that you can enjoy more of the car and of the staying in Bucharest, but you also pay less for the same service. The offer is as irresistible as our fleet of hot cars.

In the first moment you arrive in Bucharest, give us a call and rent a car. It is that simple. You place your order and we deliver the car at the exact location you have specified to us in a matter of minutes. After you have finished using the car, do the same thing: contact us and we will come to pick the car from wherever it might be.

Our service is contract based and we you will be asked to pay a small guarantee when you rent a car. But don’t worry, as you will receive it back as soon as you return the car.