Cheaply hire a car in Bucharest

Bucharest car rental

You are different, you are free on your highway, and you need to hire a car from our company. Our goal is your goal – good cars, new ones actually, low prices, power under the bonnet and the power in your hands to choose when, where and how to hire a car from what has become the best car rental agency in Bucharest. Are you coming to Bucharest anytime soon? Are you already in Bucharest? Then hire a car in Bucharest from us the easy way. Order online or give us a call and we will bring you the car wherever you are as soon as the laws of traffic will allow us.

We see you are already convinced by the benefits of car renting from an agency that has the ‘know how’ of car hiring, that has purchased an impressive fleet of cars, that has the power to help you with every need you may have, that can fit in your car any equipment you may need for prices as low as they can get. And by this extra equipment we mean everything from GPS, extra seats for children to road maps of Romania, ski racks and snow chains. The greatest thing about these extra fittings is that you pay only once for them, not for each and every day you use them as it happens at other car renting agencies from across the country.

Hire a car from the company that knows you are in a hurry when coming to Romania by plain. Give us a call at the very moment the plane has landed and we will bring it to the airport in a matter of minutes, as our agency is located at ‘Henri Coanda’ and Baneasa airports. If you are already at the hotel, that won’t represent a problem for us at all. Place your order and we will bring you the chosen car at the exact location you have specified to us.

Before signing the contract, you need to know that if you hire a car from our agency, you will pay less if you choose to rent a car for a longer period of time. So, enjoy your staying in Romania as much as you would like, because you are free to use the car as much as you want for as long as you need. Whether you go on short distances or on longer ones, there is the perfect car for you in our fleet. From low consumption to the highest performance, we cover all the models.

Hire a car in Bucharest at the lowest price on the market. Yes, it is possible, as our dedicated team committed itself to deliver unparalleled services for the most demanding customers. We even have luxury cars to meet your quest for style. And in addition to this, we will come to get the car back anytime you call as and anywhere you may be in the city. Why choose to waste time with others, when you now have chance to win both time and money with our car renting services.